1. Sale Of Material With Delivery Terms

Seller Company Herby Sells to buyer and buyer hearby purchases from seller company the materials as described above. Such Material Shall be Shipped with delivery.


1. Packing & Forwarding Included

2. Purchase Price – As Per Order

3. Payment Terms – As per buyer custmor payment terms buyer will offer same payment terms to seller. It will be case to case basis.

4. Price Validity will be one year as per one order realesd.

5. Tax (GST) will be Extra

6. The Risk of lost goods, Damages & any mishandling, Casulty with goods, Reagardless of the cause, will be the responsibility of the seller until the goods have been recived by the buyer client site.

7. Insurance Will be in supplier Scope

8. Delivery Terms will be As Per the Purchase order


The Purchase Order Number Must Also Appear on all Packing slips, Invoices and Correspondence

Service Support

Seller must give all technical Support & Traning to buyer’s employee to resolved the problem of custmor related to buying product in the contract quickly and fast. Seller will give all technical support materials like selle will give full technical support in one year related to any issue in product.


Quality of product must be orignal, New, Without Any Defective Pices, Undamaged Condition & with proper Packing. If Quality is not good than in that scenario buyer will not accept the material due to poor quality. If test Certificate report is not Ok as per materials & other mismatch in materials, Then custmor have right to reject the material & seller company shall refund all prior payments with plenty within seven days of receipt of notification from buyer.

Test Certification

Equipments & materials must be tested & quality inspection before dispatch the goods & dispatch with report. . Materials Test Certificate is must require from a government approver laboratory with Each Shipment which show the specification of Materials.If there will be mismatch between the Test Certificate Report and materials Report. Then seller will be responsible and pay plenty of total value of Purchase Order and give the Previous Amount within 2 days with Penalty amount after receiving notification from Buyer. Seller have to give the testing report of material with shipment.


Before taking the Purchase Order, Seller will confirm the delivery time. Then Buyer will put the Delivery date in Purchase Order. If delivery will be delay then seller will got the penalty 0.5% Per week of purchase order value & buyer have right to cancelled order quickly & Seller must to return money with interest @10% of order value. After purchase order sending if Seller denied for delivery & refuse for delivery then Seller bear the penalty 25% of order value within 1 week if more than 2 week 50% of order value and if more than 3 weeks then 80% and if more than 4 week then 100% .


“Acceptance” of the Materials shall be done when materials will be received in company And Check it Quality ,Quantity And Test Certificate Report within business days after delivery.If there is some difference then Buyer must give notice to Seller of any claim for damages on account of condition, quality, or grade of the goods. All notices between the parties must be in writing and delivered by email & other communication way. like Whatsapp ,phone call etc.

Material Warranty

The warranty of product will me minimum 1 years after received of goods at Buyer end. The warranty provided to Buyer by seller Company with respect to the Materials Test Certificate Reports.The warranty period shall commence upon Acceptance of the Material in Buyer Company. Seller warranty that the goods sold hereunder are Tested And specification is same as per Test Certificate & if any quality issue & technical issue. Seller will be replace it Free of cost.

Documents Required

Seller must be submitted to all documents to buyer which is approved by Government .Like Company license, Tax ID , Bank Details with Cancelled Cheque ,Company owner ID , Export Approved documents Quality Certificate etc.


If Seller company given bribe to buyer company employee then all order will be cancelled quickly and supplier must be refund to buyer if they take any advance from buyer company.. Also buyer company put the penalty to seller and return their goods and seller must be refund the all amount quickly within 2 days with interest 25% of order value . Buyer can be take legally action against the seller company also & have right to put order value penalty to seller & hold their all payment.

Default By Company

Upon the occurance of any of the following events company shall be deemed under this agreement if.

A. The Sheduled Performance Dates, Including the Delivery date Shall be Exceeded by more than seven days.

B. Company fails or defaults in the performance of any material obligation or covenant under this Agreement and does not correct or substantially cure such failure, default, or breach within seven days from and after Company’s receipt of written notice from Buyer of such default or breach.

c. If any event of default occurs and is not cured within any applicable period specified above, Buyer, at its sole option, may employ any remedy then available to it, whether at law or in equity, including, but not limited to, the following

1. Proceed by appropriate court action to enforce performance by Company of the applicable covenants and obligations of this Agreement and to recover damages for the breach there of .

2. Terminate this Agreement as to all or any part as Buyer in its sole discretion may determine

3.Pursue any other rights or remedies available to Buyer under the laws.

4.Where Contract is Breach, the power of legal enforcement enables the disappointed Buyer to sue against Seller.


All Disputes Are Subjected to Gurugram (Haryana) India Juridiction Only.

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